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The Summary

Vodenica Restaurant is the place where your foody
dreams meet reality.

My task with this project was to design and develop
the website experience of Vodenica.

Vodenica was created from the lust and desires of the owner to prepare the most amazing meals after
a decade of doing this exact thing, for other restaurants.

Role: Designer and Developer

The biggest pain point of this project
would be the smart food suggestion
system that would need to be
integrated mid way through the
websites vertical side.

After contracting a full-stack dev to create a web app that would connect to the local administrative computer and pull all of the recent data related to the most purchased items on the menu,
but also about the relative availability in the kitchen itself, which the owner would update by himself once a day. I started working on the HTML and the skeleton of the page.
The hero segment needed an eye-catching, breath taking scenery that would encapsulate the spirit of the restaurant itself, throughout my conversation about the design brief with the owner himself i had taken
it upon myself to find and implement a high-resolution stock footage video of professionals at work in the kitchen,
i viewed hours of footage, everything had to be perfect, from the
camera angles, to the lighting, to the hand movement, this was the moment where the restaurant had to show confidence in their work,
and in turn this was the most efficient way of achieving my goals
with my work.
The next segment on this website is the about me page, which would take a modern approach and an implementation of 2×2 boxes heavily alligned to the left with a 10% buffer box on both sides, and a text box to the right side. and the following segment shares the same story,
bellow you can see them all put together.

This is the point where i received the snippet for the web-app and after a careful observation i started the implementation, due to the complexity of the code snippet i did not want to push the design requirements too much, so the fond and imagery was kept relatively simplistic with central alignment, on hover,

the extended menu would pop up and continue with the specific category that was originally selected and all of the current offerings. prompting you to take the order by preloading the payment section there and ready as soon as you need it, leading to a fast, comfortable and efficient ordering system.

With the most crucial part of the entire project created, I consulted with the client on a few specifics about the final part, which is the table booking segment. This part would need to order 7 different text boxes with a 30%

transparency to bring up the emersion, with a catchy background for which i decided to put a cutting board surrounded by a lot of healthy looking vegetables which further certifies the healthy narrative i am going for.
And this paragraph concludes the design and development of Vodenica restaurant online platform, case study,
bellow this paragraph i have attached the full website design.

This project was a real eye opener for me, it was my first freelance project where i had to do the research, the strategy, the branding, the design and its structure, and a very large part of the code needed, i had originally signed up for the entire project all by myself, so i had to take full responsibility and carry the workload like i had agreed to do, i didn’t do the web app part of the website, not because i cant, but because i had a tight deadline which was only under two weeks before the opening date, it would have been a failed project on my name if i didn’t pull my energy together, and not only do my part, but also find people that are capable, willing and available for the tight deadline that i had to finish this, i consider myself a smarter not just designer but a smarter business savvy individual after this project, sometimes the ability to put the cards together is more important than doing it all by yourself, and i intend on doing the most humanly possible for you as well, not because you pay me, but because i genuinely enjoy every aspect of it.

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