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The Summary

TateApp is the number on stop
for all male self improvement
with 12 professors, all succesful in different
professions and genre.

My task with this project was to create
the digital look and feel of a self
improvement platform..

TateApp is the one stop spot to learn all of the necessary skills that an individual might need to improve their life in one segment or more.

Role: UX&UI

This project allowed me to be a part of a very
dedicated team that forced a number of pain
points on me that i had to work over several
times, for the entire story, keep reading.

It started like any other project, in an old notebook where a bunch of words from the client are written down, said in many different ways and a web of connections to other words that slowly unravel

what is soon to become a series of sketches closely resembling each other but also different enough to where they stand on their own. bellow this paragraph you can see the final version of the login process sketches.

 The same process was then repeated with the entire app design, both from a design perspective but also from a functional perspective. Each segment offered its own setbacks and challenges. But emphasis would be given to the video playback area at the top portion of the app design.

 The following segment was to be the bread and butter of the app, with a total of 3 main course like paths, the user would be highly encouraged to take a walk, through video like presentations no longer than 50 minutes in length. a simple digital sketch describes this in detail.
What we have so far is the bare skeleton of what is soon to become TateApp in the following presentation i will show you what the final main part of the product looks like and we will dissect the segments afterwards.
The main focus point of this app as mentioned before are the
3 courses that are almost entirely video presentations from
renowned professionals in 12 different categories, with the
starting course.
Another 15 hand picked professors in the second course segment,
with a very detailed explanation on the contents to be found inside,
and the main category is reserved for the most successful students.
Bellow you can see my design choice for these courses, combined with the recognizable icons selected by the client, as before seen on the website.
The clear distinction between the courses is very noticeable.
With the most visible distinction made for the top tier select candidates entering the War Room. with a slight black layer surrounding it to further differentiate from the publicly available previous two.
Above are the visuals for the courses in their final form.
Below you can see the entire explanation in a design form as it is accepted for the app for all 3 courses.
This project was very important to me, it was a culmination of months of continues work with barely any free time, on top of that i was going through my own journey of self development, it was a true pleasure to work with the team i did and this project turned out to be
exactly what we all expected it to be.

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