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The Summary

MyHome is a place where real estate changes hands
through the help of a simple yet powerful sales tool.

My task with this project was to create the look and
feel of a platform that brings property owners, renters
and potential buyers in one spot while allowing for their
experience to be as seamless as possible.

MyHome was created to help property owners, potential buyers and renters reach their ideals
in a straight-forward onsite experience for all parties involved.

Role: Interaction Designer, Visual Designer

One of the main goals for me was perfectly
fluent scalability. starting with the mobile version,
i overcame a series of obstacles which lead to the
product you see on the right. More about this below

After an initial look, i put down a sketch that prompted some questions where i did my best to think through every single detail,
and keep the overall feel of the app in a direction that helpsput a mental divide between the content and the personal side
The mobile version had an undoubtable need for an organized search panel. The biggest pain point that i identified was in the information architecture of the app.
One permanent issue was the confusion inducing navigation and features scattered that need prioritizing.
I visualized the current information architecture in a thought provoking manner.
Then i decided to make a simple study, regarding the importance of the information and you can see the results bellow.

The mobile version had an undoubtable need for an organized search panel.
The biggest pain point that i identified was in the information architecture of the app.
One permanent issue was the confusion inducing navigation and features scattered that need prioritizing.
A particular design choice was made for the selected ad board top section, found picture above and to the right, a set of vector based
icons were neatly designed to give the visitor a clear understanding
on what each specific property offers, the particular morning coffee
and breakfast offering from a cafe downtown

made me explore the feasibility of such  a contraption in the digital world. this example further certifies the idea of designing with the deliberation of an innate understanding of all the target audiences with sacrificing any usability.

Tackling the desktop version offered an extended workspace which proved to be beneficial with a product such as this one where the content asks for a deliberate structure, but it wasn't without a challenge, more about this bellow.

On the drawing board i created a basic structure, named a skeleton, stolen from HTML and after several hours of tinkering i had decided upon a layout ordered from the top to the bottom, where the top left hand corner will house 3 blocks, one of which will hold dthe menu navigation bar extending to the complete width of the site,

the second block much the same as the first would be dedicated to  the most basic information about the desired outcome of the search such as the type, location, size, etc, leaving the third design block to house the specifics, sub groups and informations and upgrades of said properties, all of this is visualized bellow.
Since i had already tested and discovered the ideal implementation of the specific characteristics that would be needed for such a product
with the above explained mobile version of the product,

I had decided to translate this experience to the desktop version as well with a small caveat. The visuals from this can be found bellow.

By putting the user as the main priority i had came to the realization that a vector based graphic ahead of the desired category would better suit the needs of the user, and it will also offer a time saving alternative to just plain Helvetica text (shots fired). In order to keep the users attention on the website and the information presented to them, the default account will be capped at 8 listings per page,
which  can be altered and edited through  their own account page.
On top of this, after a careful consultation with the client two designated areas very similar to the real mlistings as to not distract the user from their objective, will be assigned a special ad related to their own search parameters, from which other paid users, making the ideal 4/1/4/1 scenario to satisfy the needs of both parties

With the picture above, you are given a look into how the listing page would be organized the idea in mind is to have as little space occupied while still keeping all information visible and accessible with no more than a single click, for this purpose a cap would be placed in the development stage on all text boxes limiting them to 600 characters making it ideal on most screen sizes,

with the photo bellow this paragraph i want to point to the contact information directly in the line of sight of the user, and after comparison to offer a quick and easy way to reach the owner, and in the same fashion an alternative, but similar listing will be placed directly underneath to offer a fair competition from the paid listings section

This product offered me as an individual and a designer a perspective
on the industry that helped me understand a lot about structure and
the importance of hierarchy when designing complex structures
such as this project.
Design by its nature is ever changing and evolving, so im sure i will need to revisit and rework my choices as i grow into this field but im thankful i got to work on this project and the free lessons i got to learn while doing what i enjoy.

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